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Maria Gilardin Presents a Film on Daniel Ellsberg


Friday May 26th, 7:30 PM | $10 by donation, no one will be turned away, but this could sell out fast!

A film by TUC Radio’s Maria Gilardin of Daniel Ellsberg speaking about his life & advocacy work from his time as a Marine in the Vietnam War to 2007 at a Republican Roundtable in San Francisco.

“People who have seen my film like it because it is an intimate presentation to a very small audience - exclusively very committed Republicans. Ellsberg engages personally - even talking about change of heart and mistakes along his way. He covers the time from being a Marine in Vietnam and what he later learned about the Tonkin Gulf "incident" while doing the night shift in the Pentagon, to his then (2007) current campaign against a war on Iran - which is still in the cards. Also there is a confrontation of sorts when in Q/A he is accused of advocating treason - followed by an amazing mini-lecture on secrecy, treason and the need of the public and of democracy to be protected from Presidential lies.” – Maria


Get your seat here!

Hymn To Her

Hymn to Her Poster copy.jpg

Hymn to Her is a look at the evolution of romantic love in America from 1640 until the present day.  It consists of seven one-act plays written by Mike A'Dair and directed by Jeff Shipp, Elk McCarthy, Garrett Moore and by Mike A'Dair.  It runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from June 2 through June 11. 

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