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The Glass Menagerie

Tennessee Williams’ poignant drama, "The Glass Menagerie", will show at the Willits Community Theatre April 12 through 28. The award-winning play delves into the fragile dynamics of a mother and her two children, haunted by the memory of an absent father and their struggle to escape their suffocating circumstances.

Central to the drama is Amanda Wingfield, a faded remnant of Southern gentility who now lives in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura, who has a physical handicap and debilitating shyness. The father has left home, while young Tom supports his mother and sister with a shoe-factory job he finds unbearable.  When Amanda convinces Tom to bring home from his workplace a “gentleman caller” for Laura, the illusions that Tom, Amanda, and Laura have each created in order to make life bearable collapse about them.

“The Glass Menagerie” is a “memory play” told by the character of Tom as events that happened in his youth. Director Michael Ducharme has chosen to add a 5 th narrator character, an older Tom Wingfield, to make it clear that these are memories. Starring in the production are Kate Magruder, Sonja Burgal, Joshua Sternberg, Schuyler Marcier and Aris Vellis.

Tickets Available Here

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