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WCT performances are created, for the most part, by volunteers. We canvass for director’s & hold auditions for actors, yet other talents are needed to fulfill every aspect of a production. We are also searching for artisans, technicians, craftspeople and managers to complete our production teams.

Are your talents a contribution to our next creation?      


Here is a list of our most urgent needs:

Costumers.  We need people with an eye for style who can create, tailor or shop for costumes. Costuming a show can take many hours over a month’s time.

Lighting Designers -- an esoteric discipline. It’s best if either the volunteer is a genius or has had training.  If neither of those two prerequisites apply, we can train a person who wants to learn and is willing to shadow one of our master lighting designers.  Like costuming, not easy, yet a vital part of theatre productions.

Tech Booth Operators -- A hands-on skill that takes 30 minutes to learn.  As each show is performed 9 times, with roughly 5 run-throughs prior to opening, a tech booth operator will be asked to donate 20 to 30 hours of their time, over four intense weeks, once or twice a year. One of the benefits of running tech for WCT is that you will be asked to run both our lighting console and our sound equipment, which are vintage systems that will excite and gratify the most discriminating of tech history buffs.

Set Builders -- Requires basic carpentry skills and the ability to work from a ladder.  Building the set for an average show takes between 12 and 20 hours. Taking down the set after the show closes will take 4 to 8 hours.

Set Painters -- Looking for painters with an artistic eye, who are good at big, broad, sweeping effects.


Lead House Manager -- will recruit, train, schedule and monitor house managers, bartenders and concessionaires to host performances.

House Managers -- Will need to be able to sell tickets, check names off a list, and interact with the public in a pleasant and efficient manner.  Should be able to use a cashier pad, swipe a credit card and make change. Will be asked to work one or two shows during each nine-show run, a total of 10 nights or afternoons a year. House managers & bartenders have their own seat for each performance.

Bartenders -- Adult servers for alcohol sales before shows and during intermissions. Must be RBS certified, a 3 hour online course required by the state. WCT will pay the fee for the class & certificate.

Concessionaires -- will bake cookies and create other treats for our patron’s enjoyment in the lobby.

Costumers, lighting designers, tech booth operators, set builders and set painters please call or email Production Manager Mike A’Dair at (707) 200-2462, or

House managers, concessionaires, and bartenders, please call or email                                                 Managing Director Steve Marston at (707) 337-6090 or

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