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Audition Call

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Written By Robert Harling

Co-Directed by Kelly Kesey and Lisa Wilcox

Auditions: Saturday, April 13th, 2:00-4:00 p.m. & Wednesday, April 17th, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Audition Location:  Willits Community Theatre 37 W Van Lane, Willits, CA 95490


Southern accents welcome.


Monologues required for certain roles; please have these pieces memorized and performance ready for audition.  Links to PDFs available below.  Script excerpt, to get a feel for the characters, attached below.  Resources to study the accent: Watch movies "Hope Floats" and "Fried Green Tomatoes".  Sandra Bullock and Mary-Louise Parker are both southern women!


Please contact Lisa Wilcox (Willits based actors), Kelly Kesey (Ukiah based actors), or Producer Jeff Shipp to borrow a script to read.


9 Performances, Friday - Sunday, August 30th through September 15th

Rehearsing July-August (Off book by the time we start rehearsals) *Read-through, character work, accent development and memorization in May/June.


Characters (6W, ages 19-70)
The ages listed below are the character ages and may be played by actresses of different ages. 
Truvy:  40-55, Owner of beauty shop
Annelle:  19-24, Beauty shop assistant
Clairee:  60-70, Widow of former mayor
*Shelby: 24-26, Bride-to-be
*M’Lynn: 48-55, Shelby’s mother
Ouiser: 65-70, Loveable curmudgeon

*Anyone auditioning for Shelby or M’Lynn please come to both auditions!  (We will want to visually pair this mother/daughter duo)

We encourage all women, experienced and not, to consider being a part of this beautiful story of the bond between women, and how friendship can help us overcome the many hardships that come our way in life. The play is set in Louisiana in the 1980’s, and takes place inside Truvy's beauty salon. 


Dropbox Shared Files For Monologues

Ouiser Monologue
Page 28-29

Annelle Monologue Page 68

M'Lynn Monologue Page 69

Excerpt of
Steel Magnolias

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