Willits Community Theatre is pleased to offer an opportunity to those who would like to direct a full-length, mainstage, play. Each interested director is asked to submit a proposal (form below), along with three plays (title/author/script) that they are excited to direct. Please submit the form below.  We are asking for submissions by May 15th. We know this is a tight timeline and thank you for your swift responses!

If an interested director submitted a proposal last year and maintains interest in the same play(s), you do not need to complete another form, simply email Kelly Kesey with your confirmation and play titles still of interest.

The Artistic Direction Committee (“ADC”) will review all proposals and create the Willits Community Theatre’s 2022 Main Stage season. It is our hope that we can perform live, however we all remain open to adjustments which may need to be made, due to unforeseen circumstances. Due to last years adjustments, we are honoring our commitment to Directors and moving, some unproduced shows, as approved by the director, from last season to this season. This means that we only have 3 mainstage show openings for 2022.

The ADC will notify you on or before July 19th, if one of your plays is selected.


WCT also has a library of scripts, and you are welcome to browse and borrow from our library. Please contact Mike Adair at michaeladair69@yahoo.com


Thank you – we look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely,


The Artistic Direction Committee

Willits Community Theatre

Director's Proposal Form
If one of my plays is chosen I would:



  1. Please choose up to three plays that you are excited to direct and enter the plays in order of your preference. If you do not have a preference, please indicate this as well.

  2. Please choose at least two different genres. For 2022 we are largely looking for comedies and “feel good” plays.

  3. Please indicate your vision for each play.

  4. If you think there might be challenges staging the play, please indicate this.


The committee appreciates if a copy of the script can also be included, either electronically or for a hardcopy to be submitted.


WCT is committed to the open audition processes and would ask Directors to strongly consider holding auditions for most/all roles.

Thanks for submitting!